Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break Alaska Style

After a decade of false starts we have come to accept the raw truth.... Spring Break is just an excuse to take a week off school. Spring doesn't actually start until Memorial weekend, the day Bell's Nursery allows plants to go outside.

So, instead of booing the weather, we are trying to embrace it. We spent the week in Girdwood, a fun little granola, ski bum town 40 minutes from our front door. The week marked memorable milestones for all. Brie skied the magic carpet run unassisted and Kira took the quad to mid-way.

Bob guided me down the Northface (twice) and Sadie skied for the first time since the big accident at Hilltop. Something she vowed never to do again.
Way to go Sadie-brave-lady!

Three days before we arrived it snowed 40 inches in 12 hours at the bottom resulting in near record powder at the top. It dumped another 7 inches while we were there, further reinforcing our decision to forgo dreams of green grass and walks in the park this time of year.

Love it or Leave it.


Lindsay said...

I choose love it! And love you!

Oriens said...

that looks like it was such an awesome vacation! How fun that your whole family skis.
p.s. check your facebook messages. =)

High Heels and a Sippy Cup said...

"Love it or leave it" That is classic, Kris. Lovin' it is the only way to go. You know we got so much snow during "spring break" cause you went skiing, right? Thanks a lot! *wink*

amyruthporter said...

LOVE the pics. Such a good attitude you have. I love Alaska too! Can't ever imagine leaving. And I hope my dear friends are stuck here forever with me in the snow.