Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kira's Baptism

Kira Morehead
Salt Lake City, UT
May 2011

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Honestly People

It's been a rough week. It all began Friday when I spaced Kira's doctor appointment. Her Pediatrician's office called to confirm the appointment the night before. Bob was even home that day, truly no excuse...Just flaked.

Then there was Tuesday, Teacher Appreciation Day at Huffman Elementary. I signed up to bring soup. Sadly it's Wednesday and I'm just now remembering the event. That brings me to the whopper of the week...I opened my credit card statement and was shocked to learn that Kira lost $245.00 playing BlackJack online with her iTouch.

WOW! I must admit I'm impressed that she figured out how to login to our wireless
Card Ace: Blackjack
internet. I'm also equally impressed that she remembered my iTunes password that allowed her access to the BlackJack App.

I am however disappointed by her card handling skills. When questioned about the incident she stated "I though you were suppose to just give away your cards as fast as you can".

Hmmmm, Obviously not a great strategy, I will not be taking her to Vegas anytime soon....

There is however, a silver lining to my streak of bad luck. This morning I realized that I left my very expensive ghd flat iron at the Alaska Club. It is the second iron I've purchased as I did the same thing last month & it has never been seen again.

Lucky for me this time the person who picked it up realized it's worth and took it strait to the front desk for safe keeping...
I love honest people.
Classic 1" Styler
Lessons learned: Write down EVERYTHING in very obviously places, change my password, and embrace frizzy hair after workouts.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Peas Please

Last year we started a garden, it was a disaster. Nothing grew, we barely managed a few small snacks. I was informed that I used "Bad Dirt".

This year I did my research & Viola!

Who Knew....
Not all dirt is made the same.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mighty Hunters

Recently Grandpa Keith made his annual pilgrimage to Anchorage for his "last of the frontier" fix. Each year brings new exciting experiences and fabulous memories. 2010 was no exception.

He up and shot himself a Buffalo. Well Bob fired too and there is no debate, both brave hunters "hit a perfect target, right behind the ear and the animal dropped on the spot".

They brought home 700 pound of meat, we purchased our 2nd outside freezer.
Good job Men, that should just about get us through the winter.
Who's hungry?

Delta Junction, Alaska
August 2010

Keith Parke & Bob Morehead

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Lovin Had me a Blast

Between the Ragnar Relay, Morehead reunion, & Cruise to Mexico, the girls and I were out of state for 5 strait weeks. I am truly grateful that we have loads of sunny memories to reflect upon when the snow begins to fly.
Looks like it's coming soon.

Week #1 - Vegas Baby!
My Older sister and her cute family live in North Las Vegas where her husband E.J. is currently stationed with the FBI. She has four darling girls, and a brand new baby boy - jealous, um...I mean Happy! Despite the *105 killer temp. we had a blast at the Drive-In, Splash Parks, Swimming Pool, and fabulous McEwen Palace. Cousins Rule!

Week #2 Cedar City:
On our way back to Salt Lake we spent a few days with Grandpa Keith and Grandma Bobbie in Cedar. We rode the dune buggy, played in grandpa's mine, had a blast at the park and enjoyed every minute of sunshine we could soak up.

Week #3 Salt Lake City:
We went to all our fav. places, dined in all our fav. spots, and hung with all our fav. people. Loved, loved spending time with Grandma Jan, and all the Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, and Friends.

Week #4 Bear Lake & Idaho Falls:
WOW!! The Morehead Reunion took place at Bear Lake in Northern Utah. I had never been there and was so impressed by the fabulous white sand beach and amazing aquamarine water. We rented a house and spent fourth of July weekend on the lake, roasting marshmellows, lighting fireworks, and having a grand time. The girls were able to meet and hangout with 28 cousins, some of which they have never met before...We can't wait for the next one.

Idaho Falls: Initially, I was not very interested in visiting Bear Country, the Dr. said "you should try it, you might like it". And indeed, it was a very fun place to hang with the girls for an afternoon.

Week #5 Cruise:
Grandpa Bill, Grandma Elaine, and Grandma Jan joined us for a spectacular Southern California / Mexican Rivera adventure. We hit Catalina Island, Ensanada Mexico, San Diego, and LaJolla. We loved it all, no one got sick, lost, or spanked; truly miraculous. Just an FYI, in my limited experience, cruising is the best, BEST, way to travel with kids!! They loved the boat so much, they didn't want to get off.

Ahhh Summer, Don't cry because it's close to over, smile because it happened.
And though my flowers are on their way to being dead, the garden is in weeds, and the long days are rapidly fading, we are truly happy to be home.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Remodel Continued:
Front Room Before:

Family Room Before:

So far the carpet has endured three "accidents", one quart of chocolate milk, a bathtub flood, and lot of dirty feet. It seems to be holding up quit well considering. Good thing, I'm sure we will never change it.


In the very center of my family room there is a terribly outdated gas fireplace. The pink tile no longer fits my decor, yet I can't bring myself (didn't dare ask Bob) to rip it out. I though maybe I could cover it, throw a piece of furniture in front or somehow make it disappear....

Sadly, no....Kinda cheezy right?

Luckily I know an amazing woman who also happens to be a gifted metal artist. She took one look at my decorating disaster and promptly offered her assistance.

She designed & created this Fantastic cover...
Custom made, hand sanded, totally removable, the absolute perfect solution!
Very très chic no?

Thank you Marieke your work is amazing!
You should csee what this lady can do:

Remodel Continued - Kitchen Update

Have I ever told you about the man that could do anything?

Here we are approximately 7 months into our 1 month kitchen project and things are really starting to take-off (blame the cabinet people, I do). Bob approximates that we are 85% of the way "there" but quickly warns that "the last part always takes the longest".

He might be referring to the bathroom tile installed 3 years ago that I am plan on sealing any day now...but I digress.

Finished or not...drum roll if you please:



WOW....What can I say?
Good Job Bob...You continue to astound even your greatest fans.
Now mind you, this project was all my idea, he wanted nothing to do with it, "hire someone" were his exact words...Well besides painting was all him. He worked long and hard for months, including the entire time the girls and I were out of state soaking up the sun..a time when most men would be catching up on Netflix and take out.
Seriously, what can I say??

Now you may be questioning my decorating and orange, really...kinda Halloween isn't it?? Well, I do like dressing up..but you really have to see it in person..The adjoining space pulls it altogether.

Green, Orange, and Black - Definitely Not Halloween...More like...hmmm.
Dinner anyone?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ragnar - Relay

Bob and I, along with 10 other teammates ran the Wasatch Back Relay this June. The starting line for the race is in Logan Utah and finishes at the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City. The course covers 189 miles Our team "Frozen Tozen" finished in a little over 30 hours and 30 minutes.
Each runner had to complete 3 legs of the 36 leg course. I was runner #2, I ran my first 7 miles at 10am, another 3 miles later that afternoon and a final 3 the next morning around 7am. While not running our team took turns eating, sleeping, and cheering each other. We slept under trees, in parking lots, even on the floor of the van. We took showers at a high school locker rooms, stopped over for a weenie roast with the girls at Bob's sister's place & took advantage of the massage therapists at the mid-way team support venue.

I have to admit that though the mileage was reasonable, the altitude change from Anchorage (Sea Level) to the Wasatch front (5,800 feet) was noticable. elevation coupled with the heat of the summer really took a toll. I was so grateful that we were able to recover between runs. In fact, I think all my workouts should be designed in a similar format, especially the massage part.

We had such a great experience that we registered Bob's family members to run with us next year. We plan on taking the award for best costume. Look for team "We Bee Crazy" we'll Bee dressed in yellow and black.... The rule of the road is the better you look, the slower you can go. So don't worry team, I'm firing up my sewing machine as we speak.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break Alaska Style

After a decade of false starts we have come to accept the raw truth.... Spring Break is just an excuse to take a week off school. Spring doesn't actually start until Memorial weekend, the day Bell's Nursery allows plants to go outside.

So, instead of booing the weather, we are trying to embrace it. We spent the week in Girdwood, a fun little granola, ski bum town 40 minutes from our front door. The week marked memorable milestones for all. Brie skied the magic carpet run unassisted and Kira took the quad to mid-way.

Bob guided me down the Northface (twice) and Sadie skied for the first time since the big accident at Hilltop. Something she vowed never to do again.
Way to go Sadie-brave-lady!

Three days before we arrived it snowed 40 inches in 12 hours at the bottom resulting in near record powder at the top. It dumped another 7 inches while we were there, further reinforcing our decision to forgo dreams of green grass and walks in the park this time of year.

Love it or Leave it.