Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Lovin Had me a Blast

Between the Ragnar Relay, Morehead reunion, & Cruise to Mexico, the girls and I were out of state for 5 strait weeks. I am truly grateful that we have loads of sunny memories to reflect upon when the snow begins to fly.
Looks like it's coming soon.

Week #1 - Vegas Baby!
My Older sister and her cute family live in North Las Vegas where her husband E.J. is currently stationed with the FBI. She has four darling girls, and a brand new baby boy - jealous, um...I mean Happy! Despite the *105 killer temp. we had a blast at the Drive-In, Splash Parks, Swimming Pool, and fabulous McEwen Palace. Cousins Rule!

Week #2 Cedar City:
On our way back to Salt Lake we spent a few days with Grandpa Keith and Grandma Bobbie in Cedar. We rode the dune buggy, played in grandpa's mine, had a blast at the park and enjoyed every minute of sunshine we could soak up.

Week #3 Salt Lake City:
We went to all our fav. places, dined in all our fav. spots, and hung with all our fav. people. Loved, loved spending time with Grandma Jan, and all the Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, and Friends.

Week #4 Bear Lake & Idaho Falls:
WOW!! The Morehead Reunion took place at Bear Lake in Northern Utah. I had never been there and was so impressed by the fabulous white sand beach and amazing aquamarine water. We rented a house and spent fourth of July weekend on the lake, roasting marshmellows, lighting fireworks, and having a grand time. The girls were able to meet and hangout with 28 cousins, some of which they have never met before...We can't wait for the next one.

Idaho Falls: Initially, I was not very interested in visiting Bear Country, the Dr. said "you should try it, you might like it". And indeed, it was a very fun place to hang with the girls for an afternoon.

Week #5 Cruise:
Grandpa Bill, Grandma Elaine, and Grandma Jan joined us for a spectacular Southern California / Mexican Rivera adventure. We hit Catalina Island, Ensanada Mexico, San Diego, and LaJolla. We loved it all, no one got sick, lost, or spanked; truly miraculous. Just an FYI, in my limited experience, cruising is the best, BEST, way to travel with kids!! They loved the boat so much, they didn't want to get off.

Ahhh Summer, Don't cry because it's close to over, smile because it happened.
And though my flowers are on their way to being dead, the garden is in weeds, and the long days are rapidly fading, we are truly happy to be home.


Jaime said...

Wow!! Sounds like you guys have had a busy, but super FUN summer! Wish we could have been around to enjoy some of it with you. Blake is still trying to get me to consider a CRNA job in Alaska. I never see any job postings for it though. Bummer, :) The girls are getting so big!! We won't even recogniz them. Love you and miss you.


amyruthporter said...

Looks like you had sooo much fun. Super jealous considering all the rain we've had. Glad you got to do it. ;-)