Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Honestly People

It's been a rough week. It all began Friday when I spaced Kira's doctor appointment. Her Pediatrician's office called to confirm the appointment the night before. Bob was even home that day, truly no excuse...Just flaked.

Then there was Tuesday, Teacher Appreciation Day at Huffman Elementary. I signed up to bring soup. Sadly it's Wednesday and I'm just now remembering the event. That brings me to the whopper of the week...I opened my credit card statement and was shocked to learn that Kira lost $245.00 playing BlackJack online with her iTouch.

WOW! I must admit I'm impressed that she figured out how to login to our wireless
Card Ace: Blackjack
internet. I'm also equally impressed that she remembered my iTunes password that allowed her access to the BlackJack App.

I am however disappointed by her card handling skills. When questioned about the incident she stated "I though you were suppose to just give away your cards as fast as you can".

Hmmmm, Obviously not a great strategy, I will not be taking her to Vegas anytime soon....

There is however, a silver lining to my streak of bad luck. This morning I realized that I left my very expensive ghd flat iron at the Alaska Club. It is the second iron I've purchased as I did the same thing last month & it has never been seen again.

Lucky for me this time the person who picked it up realized it's worth and took it strait to the front desk for safe keeping...
I love honest people.
Classic 1" Styler
Lessons learned: Write down EVERYTHING in very obviously places, change my password, and embrace frizzy hair after workouts.


Oriens said...

Whoa what a week! But not going to lie, Kira's story is hilarious. And thank goodness for honest people!

Jill and Jeff said...

Wow!! That sounds like a crazy week!! I guess you need work on Kira's card playing skills some more and write yourself a note on the palm of your hand so you don't loose your flat iron again!! :)