Monday, August 2, 2010


In the very center of my family room there is a terribly outdated gas fireplace. The pink tile no longer fits my decor, yet I can't bring myself (didn't dare ask Bob) to rip it out. I though maybe I could cover it, throw a piece of furniture in front or somehow make it disappear....

Sadly, no....Kinda cheezy right?

Luckily I know an amazing woman who also happens to be a gifted metal artist. She took one look at my decorating disaster and promptly offered her assistance.

She designed & created this Fantastic cover...
Custom made, hand sanded, totally removable, the absolute perfect solution!
Very très chic no?

Thank you Marieke your work is amazing!
You should csee what this lady can do:


Lindsay said...

VERY cool- wow! It's perfect!

Gas Fireplace Abington said...

Wow that fireplace looks amazing! It really inspires me to see if i can get my fireplace back together again. We have a place that is all set up and ready to have a fireplace there, but we just haven't had a chance to really build it. Now I have the motivation!