Monday, August 2, 2010

Remodel Continued - Kitchen Update

Have I ever told you about the man that could do anything?

Here we are approximately 7 months into our 1 month kitchen project and things are really starting to take-off (blame the cabinet people, I do). Bob approximates that we are 85% of the way "there" but quickly warns that "the last part always takes the longest".

He might be referring to the bathroom tile installed 3 years ago that I am plan on sealing any day now...but I digress.

Finished or not...drum roll if you please:



WOW....What can I say?
Good Job Bob...You continue to astound even your greatest fans.
Now mind you, this project was all my idea, he wanted nothing to do with it, "hire someone" were his exact words...Well besides painting was all him. He worked long and hard for months, including the entire time the girls and I were out of state soaking up the sun..a time when most men would be catching up on Netflix and take out.
Seriously, what can I say??

Now you may be questioning my decorating and orange, really...kinda Halloween isn't it?? Well, I do like dressing up..but you really have to see it in person..The adjoining space pulls it altogether.

Green, Orange, and Black - Definitely Not Halloween...More like...hmmm.
Dinner anyone?


Lindsay said...

I love it! I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see it in person!

amyruthporter said...

It looks fabulous darling! Love the fireplace. Bob's a keeper!